Just what are the benefits of using handmade soap as opposed to purchasing soaps and shower gels from larger companies or supermarkets? What are the advantages for you the customer? Well read on and discover what is so appealing about our handmade soap bars.

Firstly we select our ingredients with the utmost care. The oils and butters we use in all of our bars are organic, unrefined and extra virgin. We purchase our ingredients from reputable suppliers ensuring the highest quality products are used to make the soap bars. We only produce palm oil free soap and none of our soaps are tested on animals, only humans.

Additionally all of our soaps contain glycerin. Glycerin is produced naturally during the soap making process and we do not remove any of it from our bars. This ingredient helps to keep your skin hydrated by locking in moisture and eliminating that dry feeling some people experience after using soap bars.

Switching from using shower gel to handmade soap bars couldn’t be easier. Our soap range really does offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a bar to exfoliate your skin, treat your skin to a spa like treatment or provide you with a zingy fresh scent whilst showering, we have a soap bar within our range that does the job.

Our soap bars are only scented using pure essential oils. These oils bring their own properties to each bar as well as smelling fantastic. We also offer a number of fragrance free bars if that is your preference.

Soap making is something we are passionate about and we spend endless hours researching and creating in order to bring you the best soap bar we can. The time, care and attention put into each and every bar is something only a small business like ours can offer. Each of our bars is unique, made with love and beautifully packaged.

Our soap bars make great gifts for friends and family. We currently offer four gift boxes to choose from, each containing four wonderful soap bars. You can, of course treat yourself – so browse the range and we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

Handmade soap bars are fabulous (yes we may be biased!) but honestly give them a try, if you haven’t already. They look good, smell amazing and you can do your little bit towards saving the planet by reducing your plastic consumption whilst supporting a small business and a dream.

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